Guild Offerings

Offerings to the gods may sound like a very complicated and religious concept, but in GodsWar Online, its all about obtaining huge character stat boosts!


Members of a guild acquire a certain amount of Guild Contribution Points after guild quests are completed. The higher a character's level, the more points will be acquired. Donating Silver or Gold will also yield Guild Contribution Points (1 Silver yields 1 Contribution, while 1 Gold yields 100 Contribution). Donations can be made at the guild's Base Stone.

Every player can view their own Contribution points in the character interface (Shortcut "C").


Guild members may use their Guild Contribution Points as Offerings to a god of their choice.

This value is available in the Guild interface (Shortcut "G"), under the construction tab. Just click on the each of the gods to see the points assigned to them.

How To Make An Offering

1. Look for the corresponding Offering NPC in the main city and click on the relevant options to bring up the following choice menu.

2. After choosing a specific god to make Offerings to, the interface below will pop up. Key in the offering you would like to make and click on 'OK' to confirm the choice.

Note: If the god you intend to make Offerings does not have an altar constructed, no offerings can be made to that god.

Once an Offering is made, all relevant stat boosts will begin to take effect, while at the same time the amount of the offering will be deducted from the player and transferred to the god. Please make offerings at the appropriate time to prevent wasting points.

What The Numbers Mean

1. Contribution Points are used to exchange for Offering points at a ratio of 1:1.

2. The more Offerings are made, the better the stat boosts will be. However, the amount of Offering points consumed per hour will also greatly increase.

Offered Points Offerings Per Hour Consumption Remarks

Offerings Per Hour Consumption Remarks
0-10000 50 Offering equals 0, effect disappears.
10001-30000 120 Offering lower than 10001, effect is lowered. Consumption is lowered to 50 per hour.
Offered Points 30001-60000 320 Offering lower than 30001, effect is lowered. Consumption is lowered to 120 per hour.
60001-90000 800 Offering lower than 60001, effect is lowered. Consumption is lowered to 320 per hour.
90001-120000 1600 Offering lower than 90001, effect is lowered. Consumption is lowered to 800 per hour.
120001-10000000 4000 Offering lower than 120001, effect is lowered. Consumption is lowered to 1600 per hour.