Mount Growth

1.Mount Gear

Tiap mount memiliki 5 slot untuk dipasangi gear. Gear ini antara lain: Mount Coronet, Mount Armor, Mount Soul, Mount Saddle dan Mount Tassels.

Cara mendapat Mount

1-Mount Coronet: Meningkatkan hit rating pengendara.

2-Mount Armor: Meningkatkan max health pengendara.

3-Mount Soul: Pengedara dapat menyerap lebih banyak damage.

4-Mount Saddle: Meningkatkan max health pengendara.

5-Mount Tassels: Meningkatkan dodge rating pengendara.


Saat pemain mengendarai mount dengan atribut (kecuali peningkatan kecepatan), mereka akan langsung menerima efeknya.. However, if players equip a mount with an attribute that increases the mounts speed, it won't take effect until the player takes it for a ride.

Players can create these 5 different pieces of mount gear by utilizing the profession system. Gear created this way will have varying amounts of attributes, with the amount of the attributes being determined by the level of the profession skill.

2.Limitation in Equipping Mounts with Items

Mounts can only be equipped with items of the same level or lower. Likewise, players can only ride mounts that are the same level or lower than they are. Also keep in mind that a mount placed in a mount slot with equipped gear must be of the same level or higher than the gear it will be equipped with. To remove a mount from the mount slot, you must unequip the items equipped on the mount. However, if you wish to place another mount in the mount slot, you only need unequip the equipped items which are higher level than the mount.

3.Upgrading Mounts

Once enough Soul Stones have been acquired, visit the Mount Feeder in the main city (120, -170) and upgrade the mount, increasing its movement speed.

The amount and level of the required Soul Stones for upgrading a mount are equal to the target level of the upgrade. For example, to upgrade a Level 40 mount to Level 50, 50 Soul Stones (Level 50) are required. Likewise, 120 Soul Stones (Level 120) are required for upgrading a Level 110 mount to Level 120.

Tip: Players can create Soul Stones by utilizing the profession system.

Mounts Initial Appearance(Level 40/50) Level 60 Level 70/80 Level 90/100/110/120
Greek Steed
African Lion
Parnitha Boar
Nemean Wolf